The Foundation Center of Helping Hands Orphanage was founded by Pastor Pedro, shortly after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. This earthquake sent thousands fleeing over the border and into the Dominican Republic. Among these thousands were many children. The majority of these children were either separated from their families, or orphaned because of the earthquake. Many people took in the girls, but left the boys on the streets to fend for themselves. Because of this, Pastor Pedro decided to open a center where boys could come for food, shelter, and a home. Located in the beautiful, coastal city of Barahona, the center is not only designated for shelter, but a loving home environment with Christian morals and values. 

As of now, the center continues taking in boys who have lost their families, have a dangerous home situation, or their parents are not able to provide for them. Upon entering the center, they are provided with better access to schooling, clothing, food, shelter, and most importantly: the love of God and others.